The urb-x System

1urb-x Modules
2Two versions

urb-x Modules

1 Toolkit
The toolkit comprises five straight and eight curved elements with different lengths and radii. They are designed to enable any track you need.
2 Junctions
We also provide the ideal modules for junctions. Roundabout modules allow several sections to be joined together.

Two versions

1 Standard version
The standard version follows long established design principles by incorporating a mastic asphalt track surface. If you prefer a design that has been proven over decades, then this is the version for you.
2 Lightweight version
By using an innovative anti-slip track surface optimised for cycling, costs can be reduced due to the lower overall weight and the consequent reduction in stress on the structure and foundations.


1 The interfaces
Urb-x modules can be combined with any type of support structure. We provide you with the essential technical information required to design foundations, columns and abutments, such as interface drawings and forces to be absorbed.


1 Wood Protection
Damage to timber structures is caused by poor design and construction. Urb-x elements were developed for an expected lifespan of 100+ years and under the principle of constructive prevention of moisture effects (a decisive factor for durability), with chemical wood protection as a supplementary measure.
2 Predictive Maintenance
urb-x elements are equipped with humidity and acceleration sensors to detect changes in moisture content or vibration response at an early stage. The system has also been designed for maximum controllability and accessibility. Timely maintenance can therefore be guaranteed, which leads to a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs.


1 We follow the standards
All urb-x elements are designed in compliance with the Eurocode framework and as well as country-specific norms and standards (e.g EN, ZTV-ING, ERA etc. in Germany or SIA in Switzerland).


1 PV modules
Side railings with optional PV modules provide both the necessary safety and power generation. The energy can be used for the optional heating system or simply be fed back into the power grid.
2 Deck heating
The optional integrated deck heating ensures safe and non-slip conditions even in sub-zero temperatures and snowfall - without any further effort.
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Our offer for specific sectors

Public Sector

Do you need initial visualisations of a potential cycle path, a partner for an approval procedure or are you already at the implementation stage? Don’t hesitate to request our support!

  1. Get a free initial assessment and visualisations at an early stage of the project
  2. Benefit from our planning and construction services from feasibility to execution
  3. Are you preparing a tender? Speed up your process and use our standardised text modules

For planning and engineering offices, we provide technical details about all urb-x modules, so that you can incorporate these in your planning process or your next offer. Contact us for additional information!

  1. Do you intend to incorporate our modules in your project? Get sections, spec sheets & more
  2. Are you preparing a tender for a customer? Use our standardised text modules
  3. Work with us as a partner in one or several of our upcoming projects

We’re also all hands on deck to support you in your next offer or the execution of your next construction project!

  1. Want to use urb-x elements in your next project? Use the information under downloads or ask us for support
  2. Are you already preparing the execution phase? We deliver our modules to your construction site
  3. Collaborate with us as a partner in one or several of our upcoming projects

Operation & maintenance

1 Operation

The operation of our cycle highway is easy: snow-removal, cleaning, the access for emergency vehicles – all works like on a “normal street”.

2 Maintenance

Integrated sensors pick up any changes in moisture content or vibration response, thereby allowing for efficient intervention and ensuring longevity.

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