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2Project Services

We manufacture and deliver modules for any track design you wish for.

The toolkit consists of five straight and eight curved elements with different lengths and radii. Mix and match them as you please, like lego bricks, to create exactly the track that you require.

We provide planners with a range of technical information, including technical drawings, dimensions and 3D files.

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We plan and implement your cycling infrastructure

We provide our infrastructure either by collaborating with our network of experienced partners, acting as a total contractor, or by helping you directly with single services. Thus, we cover all planning and construction phases: from feasibility studies to entire design-&-build-projects.

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Providing the best route

Cycle paths are usually built at ground level and directly next to busy roads. Consequently, cyclists often have to overcome differences in elevation on their journey, following the course of the road, rendering cycling less attractive.

Apart from offering an unprecedented experience and safety, elevated cycle paths enable direct cycling on an even level. As a complementary option to the ground-level cycling infrastructure, we provide owners and planners with a further instrument to increase the attractiveness of cycling.

Use cases

1Above existing infrastructure
2Along embankments
3Elevated to protect soil
4Topographical compensation
5As a bridge

Above existing infrastructure

1 Possibilities
Elevated tracks can be built above anything - think of roads, tramways, BRTs, industrial areas, water. They are particularly attractive over longer stretches (>400m).
2 Combination
We recommend elevated cycle paths as an additional option in cycle path construction in order to optimally combine the advantages of ground-level and elevated construction methods. Contact us for support throughout the process.

Along embankments

1 Use embankments!
Often, the most direct connection can be realised alongside existing infrastructure embankments, such as along highways, railways or water. By applying our product, you can use these spaces easily while avoiding heavy groundwork.

Elevated to protect soil

1 Soil protection
Occasionally, important cycling projects get delayed, blocked or forced to change the planned route due to environmental restrictions on ground use. Or you voluntarily follow a soil protection strategy without formal restrictions. Thanks to the reduced footprint of our elevated system, soil sealing is held to a minimum.

Topographical compensation

1 Compensate height
Most cities aren’t completely flat - even if cyclists often wished so. By elevating a track by just one or two metres, you can compensate for uneven topography and create tracks with minimal changes in altitude - with huge benefits for their attractiveness.

As a bridge

1 Bridge it!
As our product is basically nothing else than a series of bridge elements, it can of course be used as such. Ask us - especially in the case of expected spans of more than 35m.
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