Our team


Pleased to meet you, we’re the urb-x-team: A bunch of cycling enthusiasts!

We seek to encourage longer-distance commuting by bicycle to enhance people’s liveability in cities and their surroundings. What currently lacks is a high-quality, safe and direct cycling infrastructure, which connects cities with their peripheral and rural areas. The urb-x cycle highway is your solution!

Bálint Csontos
Bálint is our COO and Co-Founder and knows everything about everything at urb-x.
Roman Pfund
Roman is our Head of Market. He oversees all projects and commercial aspects within urb-x.
Franca Fellmann
Franca manages our partnerships and does most of the outreach and communication. You can ask her anything!
Joel Karolin
Joel knows all about norms, materials and techniques. If there's a technical uncertainty, Joel is here to clarify.
Florian Weber
Florian, one of the first team members at urb-x AG, has a lot of experience in mechanical engineering and wood technology, and enjoys putting his own hands to work during development, too.
Klaus Kirchmayr
Klaus invented our modular system and is the CEO of urb-x AG. He's an ETH engineer, economist, banker, politician and a green pioneer.
Wolfgang Kirchmayr
With his in-depth knowledge of business development, strategy, budgets, strategic planning and more, Wolfgang brings valuable insights to our company as CFO.

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